Thursday, 12 December 2013


I have just received the most disturbing email from the wife of Paul Millichip, the painter.

In a blog post, I used one of his paintings to demonstrate a point...and said, as I fully believed, that he was sadly no longer with us.

His wife says he is alive and well and still whoever told me he had died was very much mistaken, and now, of course, I feel dreadful to have repeated that information.  I cannot remember who told me, I just remember the content of the conversation.  It did not occur to me to double-check its veracity.....I could never imagine anyone giving out that kind of information incorrectly.

I can do nothing to patch up this horrible situation other than to say how very sorry I am that I should have reported incorrectly.............and HOW VERY DELIGHTED I AM THAT A TALENTED, IMPORTANT PAINTER SUCH AS PAUL is still alive and well.

If you are unfamiliar with his work, do look him up - his work is very interesting indeed, and very special.

Paul Milichip, Painter
My paintings carry through my idea of dynamic space; in my work I use the space surrounding objects and figures to exert reciprocal pressure throughout the picture. There are no negative spaces and I use this abstract concept in a figurative context. I use watercolour with collage and crayon to create the fluidity which my concept requires but I also use oils, mainly for larger works.
I have exhibited widely since my first London exhibition in Gallery One and my paintings have been bought for public collections, including The Arts Council of Great Britain, Leicester Museum, Liverpool University, Durham County Museum, Nuffield foundation, Buckinghamshire County Gallery and Milton Keynes Corporation together with many private collections.


  1. Hey, the worst is when you have to say that someone is no longer with us--being able to say Yay! he's still here! is a good thing. Admittedly disconcerting for his wife to read that, but what a pleasure to reveal that it's not true after all. Don't feel bad.

  2. I've really missed your posts, and hope you will resume soon. Will keep checking back in.


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