Friday, 10 February 2012

Jackie Simmonds paintings and sketches book

Just a quick interim post to mention my latest venture..........a book of 130 images, mostly pastel paintings, some sketches, some watercolours and one or two oils and acrylics.  Also one "step by step" demo to show how I achieve a pastel painting.

It is NOT an art instruction is a "leave it for posterity" book, so that my friends, supporters and family can have it if they wish.  I have paintings in various art instruction books, I keep finding them from time to time - and I have written 7 art instruction books.  This is simply a collection of LOADS of my paintings, all together in one place.

If you don't want to buy it, that's fine, you can browse the book on your computer, but it is not quite the same as having it on your bookshelf, or coffee table!  (that'll be the day!)

I really hope a few people out there might appreciate it.   I enjoyed creating it, and, to be honest, it gives me a buzz to look at it too - I found all sorts of forgotten images to put in the book, paintings sold so I only lived with them for a short time. I never cease to marvel at how sometimes, looking at a painting I have done, can surprise me;  I feel someone else must have painted it! Having transparencies in a folder, or having jpgs on my hard drive is just not the same as having a book to look through.

Here is a link to the Blurb page for the book:  JACKIE SIMMONDS PAINTINGS AND SKETCHES

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