Friday, 17 May 2013


Last week, I showed you some of my owl drawings from 30+ years ago.  This week, I thought I would show you some of the images I have been creating for my OPEN GARDEN day, June 16. when my garden will be open to the public for the day, and I will be showing not just the lovely garden, but also some of my work - paintings, garden ceramics, and enamelled items.

Amongst the paintings will be images of some of the little birds which visit British gardens regularly at all times of year.  I am fascinated by the wildlife in my garden ...we have birds galore, including majestic herons - beautiful to look at but not my favourite visitors since they come to eat my fish;  we have badgers, foxes, neighbourhood cats, and we even had a visit from Mr and Mrs Duck last week!

Here are a few of the small paintings of little birds ...not detailed botanical images, but friendly fluffy ones!

"White Waistcoat"  - a rather splendid chap, don't you think?

This one is called "Chilly Feet" and is obviously a Robin.  I know the event is called "Midsummer Gardens" but actually, they have had snow in the north this month!  And Robins are with us all year round.

This is one of my favourites...a cute Long Tailed Tit balancing somewhat precariously on a stump- I called it "Strong Grip".

I will not only have the paintings for sale, but also greetings cards.  There will be approximately 20 different bird images - they would look good on the wall in sets of four!

I have also been working on local woodland scenes:

"Bluebell Patch", pastel, 6"x6"  I just so love carpets of bluebells.

This one is slightly larger, framed in a modern white "box" frame, about 11"x11".. It is the bridle path in Mad Bess Woods - locals should recognise it.  I do feel lucky to have these gorgeous woods so close to my home.

Another small one, this time with hints of abstraction and a strong colour palette, it is called "Silver Birch Sentinels":

Finally, I thought I would show you this one;  it is loosely based on the woods, but it is a foray, for me, even further into the world of abstraction.  I had all ready been gently pushing the colour, using my own colour palette rather than the literal colour of the I decided to break out of my comfort zone, and for the sheer fun of it use REALLY experimental colour.  It was very exciting to produce, even if it is never framed!

If you would like to come and see the garden, tickets are available from the MIDSUMMER GARDENS website.  the ticket will give you the chance to see lots of gardens throughout the weekend,  and all proceeds will go to charity.  Your ticket will also go into a draw for a variety of excellent prizes.

Most gardens will be open both Saturday and Sunday;  I will be open Sunday only.  If you live in the vicinity, (Greater London, Herts, Bucks, Middx - Ruislip, Northwood, Rickmansworth, Pinner) do pop along.  If you need directions, you can send me an email to

Savannah in the undergrowth.  She hides here to watch the birds.


  1. Clearly you have the most wonderful garden. Wish we were visiting in your area as I would definitely make it a must see. Hope you have a great day on the 16th June and that you do a post about it. You are bound to sell work too, your paintings, as always, are gorgeous.

  2. Jackie, I love your 'breaking outside of the comfort zone', it's lovely to break some rules, isn't it? Often my best work is when I loosen up a bit and say, "What if?" I hope your open garden is a grand success, wish we could make the trip to England just to see it!

  3. What a wonderful day of combining two passions! Hope it is lovely.

  4. I love your paintings of birds - you captured their essence so well


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