Wednesday, 19 June 2013


The rain came, but so did the people, and the image above did finally go to the charity for a goodly sum, which was very gratifying.

Putting on any kind of Open Studio or Open Garden event in one's own home is always a lot of effort, but can be challenging, and great fun, all at once.
If you ever decide to try anything like it, preparation is the key.  Make sure you consider the weather in advance and provide cover in case of rain, it is absolutely essential.  I am lucky enough to have a room which opens onto the garden, so people could take shelter inside, but I also put up "Easy-up" marquee-type roof things, which allowed more people to shelter.  You can  see the roof of the Easy-Up to the left of my garden room.

Another view..this time you can see some of my ceramic garden planters, most of which were sold on the day.

It is also a good idea to enlist some help from friends/family - because you cannot split yourself into parts.  If you are in one area, wrapping up items, it is all too easy to find that someone unscrupulous will take advantage of your distraction, and might make off with small, easily hidden items, like little ceramics for instance, or even small paintings off the wall or screens.
A visitor's book is a good idea - this will provide you with added names for your database.  I stupidly forgot to put mine out, don't make my mistake!

So now my Open Garden day is behind me...............time to offer up some of my paintings thro my blog.  Lots of my little bird paintings have been sold now, but I have loved creating them so am doing more. They are small and lightweight, perfect for sending out, perfect gifts for bird-lovers - so here are two, I am selling them at prices which reflect their small size, so grab them while the going is good!!  Just send me an email if you would like one - cost is only $90 plus p&p, including simple double mount and black frame
"Chilly Feet"  Robin   pastel on board  Image size 6x6"
"Mask of Zorro"   Marsh Tit  pastel on board   6"x6"

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