Monday, 28 April 2014


I have been sent a few questions lately about backgrounds, and I usually send people to my blog post here:

But I came across this post on WetCanvas, which offers excellent advice on backgrounds for portraits in particular.  It is well thought-out, and illustrated carefully to explain each point.

Given that I am under pressure for all sorts of reasons right now, rather than offer no blog at all, I thought I would at least offer you the opportunity to read some things about backgrounds that you might well find useful.  It is better than silence, methinks!

And to  stimulate your thoughts,  here are a few portraits with unusual "backgrounds" (and poses too).  Makes one think - why settle for a conventional head shot and a "neutral" background? can you "involve" the background with the character of the sitter?..and what do these choices make you think and feel?
Harold Pinter, by Justin Mortimer
J K Rowling by Stuart Pearson Wright

Johnathan Miller by Stephen Conroy

Alan Bennett by Tom Wood


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  1. Thanks for the links. Hope your situations get resolved so you can relax more.


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