Wednesday, 18 June 2014


My Open Studio has finished now, and my house is back to normal.  Doing an Open Studio is fun, but be prepared for a lot of upheaval - and exhaustion!   Joining forces with an "Open Studio Trail" is a great way to show your work, and sell from home.  If you decide to try this one day, here are a few pointers:

  • Start well in advance, there is nothing worse than a show which looks thrown together at the last minute.

  • Use decent framing - don't put shabby frames on your work, it cheapens the look of everything. TIP:   If you have a local Ikea, you can pick up very inexpensive, modern frames from them, which make the work look great!  I believe presentation is important.  I provide beautiful little boxes, with tissue and ribbons, for my bowls, in case people want to give them as gifts.  Not everyone wants to have these, but it is nice to provide them just in case. 

  • Even if the organisers claim that they do lots of advertising and publicity, be prepared to do your own.  I put out posters galore all over my neighbourhood - they brought in lots of people.  Spread out leaflets in shops, garden centres, libraries, restaurants - printing these days can be done quite reasonably.

  • Price your work visibly, people don't like to have to ask the prices.  Type little labels, these look more professional than hand-written labels. 

  • make sure your lighting is good, so that the work can be seen at its best.

  • provide some snacks and drinks, visitors appreciate this

  • Try to find a way to accept credit cards.  A friend of mine processes credit cards for me.  I give people forms to fill in, check everything, and then type out a list for my friend the next day.

  • KEEP A VISITORS BOOK and ensure everyone fills it in.  This is vital, to help you build a mailing list for future events.

It is the little things like these which make a difference.  A number of people who came in to see my Open Studio, commented on some of these things, and said what a pleasure it was to visit me, as a result. 

I sold lots of work..........but do have three of my best paintings still. They can go into a gallery, but before I start driving around ,  I thought I might offer them up here, as I can send them out, unframed, for a fraction of what a gallery would charge for them.  They were much admired but of course were the most expensive items on offer, and people found cheaper alternatives!  I gave them too much choice, obviously!!!

So you have a chance to pick one up at a bargain price --- mounted, ready for framing at your end. 

The Craft Market - £200  ($300)  NOW SOLD

The ones below are $250
"sorting out the flower stall"
"Where shall I put this one?"

If interested, please send me an email, I can send you sizes, and shipping costs.


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