Sunday, 24 May 2015


We have looked at the use of cropping, as a tool for the artist to employ.  It is particularly helpful when the image just isn't working as well as one might like -in particular, when the composition is weak.... suddenly, a crop can effect an interesting and dynamic change for the better.

Cropping can be useful in other ways too.

 I wanted to produce an image for a new business card...appropriate for the fascinating glass pieces I have begun to make lately.  I make all sorts...from coasters to large platters, from bowls to framed wall art.  In some instances, the piece may well contain a section of glass which I have "created" myself, almost a painterly effect, with textural interest, and sometimes with beautiful floating colour and depth, much like layers of paint, and marks of paint.

Here is an example:  This bowl has plain, opaque black glass either side, and the central section was a "part sheet" I made, which began as a simple piece of ivory glass.  Onto the ivory glass I placed glass powders, and glass pieces, then it was fused in the kiln to melt the glass so that it looks almost painted...but not quite.  Seen full size, you can almost "look into" the textures on the glass.

Photographing one individual item for my business card just did not feel right because I have produced so many different kinds of items.  In the end, I cropped...well, I allowed the camera to do the cropping.   I photographed sections of glass areas I had created and used for bowls, plates, and wall art.  I ended up with a series of images which would actually be terrific starting points for some interesting abstract paintings!

Harrow Open Studio is fast approaching.  All are welcome..........for further information, drop me a line.

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