Monday, 15 May 2017


"Silver cliffs "  framed glass panel

This year has been a tricky one so far.  I have had surgery on my hip, which meant weeks of sitting about interspersed with upright with walking stick, and exercising.  Gradually, I am getting back to normal but getting out into the studio, standing to work for long periods,  has been a challenge.  Nevertheless, I have managed to create some new pieces in enamels and in glass - some 3D, some 2D. 

One thing is for sure.  All the disciplines I have learned over the years, for my painting life, have proved useful to me even tho I may not be working with paintbrush or pastels. I have, instead, been "painting" with different materials - glass powder in particular - glass on glass, or enamel (which is glass) on copper. I have had to use heat instead of brushes.   I do have unpainted pastels in my head, but they just may have to remain unpainted for now, as I have run out of time!

In a couple of weeks I will be opening my studio for HARROW OPEN STUDIOS, from June 4-11.  Two official weekends, and then, during the week, I will still welcome visitors.  If you happen to be anywhere near, do pop in, I will happily show you current work, and also you can have a nosy around the studio, take a look at the kilns and all my kit,  and see how I produce the work on show.

Here are some of the pieces which will be available:

Enamel on Copper:
"Winter Sentinels"


And here are some of the glass pieces:
 Entrance is FREE.   Come with friends!  Lots of pretty small items, including my gorgeous enamelled bowls, and some new pretty jewellery pieces too.

And if the weather is good, you can sit and enjoy the garden and the lovely pond.  And when you have finished enjoying my studio, you can wander off to see other Harrow Open Studio artists, all within a short drive from my Bushey home. Make a day of it.   There is even a working blacksmith to visit, 5 minutes from me.

Call me for more details or driving instructions:  0208 950 2343 

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