Monday, 26 June 2017

Working in Three Dimensions and a happy accident

Sometimes, we have "happy accident" things happen......

Having always painted in a fairly literal fashion, with lots of pre-planning, so that I have a fair idea of how the painting will proceed and what the end result will be, it is quite wonderful when working in three dimensions, with a new material, and suddenly surprises occur ....and happy ones at that.

Inspired by the glass "waves" of a talented artist I have found recently, I decided I wanted one of my own....a wave rolling over a rock. ( I havent got a rock yet so have used some driftwood for now) I have painted lots of waves and rocks...this is my first "sculpture".

My first attempt cracked.  I fused it flat again, added more glass over the crack, re-fused it, and finally created the curving form.  For some reason, during the process, some white cobwebbing appeared ...and looked exactly like seafoam, breaking up in the turquoise shallow water !  I have no idea how this happened and am unlikely to be able to create it again! I do think it looks rather lovely tho.

I also had a weekend trying out "glass sandcasting".  Bit like making sandpies on the beach.  Great fun.

I wont be able to show you the finished piece as I have to wait for it to come out of the kiln, but the progress images are interesting .

Playing with sand to create the starting shape:  Not easy, wretched sand keeps falling into the shape.......

My final image ...a blue door - glass powders added - door from the ancient town of Safad in Israel:

The tutor, and sandcastings awaiting the glass:

hot glass being poured into my piece:

Another of my pieces, glass added, and little fat Rabbi added in front of door, which should give the illusion of space between person and door as it was laid on top of the first pour, and then more glass added. He will be dark, ideally black, the door blue - all inside a piece about 2" thick.  However  We shall see what I get in the end!!!
Happy accidents notwithstanding!

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