Saturday, 22 December 2018

"The end is near....."

And now....the end is near....goodness, I sound like Frank Sinatra....

Seriously folks, the end of the year is really nearly here, and sadly, it has been rather an "annus horribilis" for me, (if that is how the latin is spelt) and a very unproductive one on my blog for which I apologise.

I did spend most of the summer (2 months in fact) in hospital fighting some strange thing I have never heard of before - endocarditis - plus a few other bits and bobs.  I am also now the proud owner of a stent and have the joy of worrying about the other artery which they could not unblock.  BUT I am here to tell the tale, I just have to "keep taking the tablets", and as Winston Churchill said, I am doing my best to "keep buggering on"!!! Do hope this turn of phrase will not offend anyone - I blame Winston if it does.

I do get out to the studio/workshop every so often, and even managed a small Open Studio at the end of the year, and was fascinated to see that every one of the images I have produced which are images created using glass as my medium, were much acclaimed and most were sold.  So one of my new year's resolutions is to do more of these.  It certainly makes for an interesting change to use a totally different medium, much as I love my pastels and also enjoy painting with other media...but to have some success with the glass has been a surprise and a joy.   It is MUCH more difficult, much more of a challenge, but what is life without some challenges? Some more enjoyable than others, mind you....

I have also recently discovered that although once upon a time,  it was incredibly expensive to produce Limited Edition prints, now I can.  It used to be a long process of professional photography to produce a 6"x4" high resolution transparency, which was then used for the prints, which were so expensive.  So I did not bother, and now, several years down the line, I can order beautiful archival quality giclee prints, produced to Fine Art Trade Guild standards, which are far more affordable, provided I have a decent digital image on file.  So, folks, if you have admired and secretly yearned to own one of my images, perhaps now you can...I recently had this one reproduced, and sent over to the USA, the client is delighted:

I have opened at "Etsy" shop, and will from time to time put up an offer for one of my nicer paintings, to be provided as a print, in a short Limited Edition of hand-signed prints.
I will also do my best, this year, to add far more pieces to the shop, as I no longer have the strength to carry stuff to galleries, either glass pieces or framed paintings... so I will, hopefully, sell more on line.

I am always available to answer questions about painting - the teacher in me is still alive and well, I just do not have the strength to teach physically any more.  I am always happy to help though.   I am still experimenting a lot with glass, and might try a few glassy blogs, although talking techniques is not my strength - glass is a nightmare in this regard, the kiln is an active partner in the process and is often insubordinate.   My fellow glassers say there are "kiln fairies" and if they are on your side, that's fine, but if they are feeling mischevious, that's when the problems start....

If you want to keep up with some of what I am doing, just pop my name into Facebook, you will find me in various corners there, usually showing recent work.

I wish you all - and myself - a happy and healthy 2019, full of challenges and successes.
Happy Christmas one and all  


(Just fyi below are two of the glass pieces/paintings made of glass which went to new homes this year.  "Breaking Wave" is made entirely of glass, using sheet glass, glass powders and crushed glass pieces called frit, and "In the Depths" is also made with glass powders, frits and glass enamels)


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