Saturday, 24 September 2011

JackieSimmonds Artyfacts

Hello Folks.

It is time for me to join the blogging revolution!  I am an artist, a writer, a teacher, and a perpetual student.  I have decided to share my knowledge, my art, and a few details about my life, through this new, rather extraordinary communication medium.  Communicating with people "on line" really is, to me, magical...somehow people all over the world connect with each other purely by sitting before a computer screen.  We all take it for granted - but actually, it is really very fabulous what we mere mortals have achieved.

Pastel on paper - source - a maarket scene in Cape Town

For years, I have been a painter and teacher.  I have shared my enthusiasms with others, both in person, through the written word in books and articles, via my paintings, and via the internet.  

I have written 7 art instruction books.  Made, I think, 7 or so dvd's - I lose track!  I taught for years, tho sadly now, and somewhat older and greyer than I was,  I do not have the physical strength to teach any more, not in person anyway, so this seems like a good idea to me....a chance to share some of my thoughts and experiences by way of a regular blog post, which I plan to offer weekly, if not more frequently.

So - what will I talk about?

I will show paintings and will demonstrate teaching ideas, will also offer some paintings for sale, the proceeds of which will go to charity.  I favour the NSPCC, the society which helps children suffering from cruelty, something I cannot even bear to think about, ...any movie or tv programme showing the suffering of children, reduces me instantly to a blubbering heap on the floor.

Any of you who found this blog because you recognise my name,will know that I have long been a pastel painter, and I will share some of my pastel thoughts and ideas with you. 

I also work in other mediums, so we might go there some weeks, and I will talk about watercolour, mixed media, acrylic painting and oil painting.  I will talk about sketching too and some of the interesting materials you can use And examine some of the important "building blocks" of painting - I have noticed that many people jump straight in there, without understanding the importance of pre-planning, and my pet subject - "design and composition" is so often neglected.  I will probably bang on about that quite a lot!

Venice sketch, made on location

 I will also talk about some of the things connected with painting and available to painters and would-be painters....painting holidays for example ...what it is like to go on a painting holiday, what you will need,  and importantly, what to expect and to think about.

I will talk about what it is like to exhibit your work, and to organise your own exhibitions.

I am working on the idea of an "Artist's troubleshooter" section, where I can show some common painting and sketching problems, and talk about how to solve them.

I will do my best to vary the content of the blog;  I dont want it to just be about my own work.

If there is something YOU might like me to touch upon, just let me know. 

I hope I might gain a few friends and/or followers along the way.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Jackie! Can't wait to read your thoughts and tips. Have fun!

  2. Thank you! I just signed up to follow this blog and it's going to be a joy to read. I love your work and I'm so glad that if you don't have the strength to teach in person you'll continue online. This rocks.

    I love the Venice sketch too, it's inspiring.

  3. Hi Jackie,

    so glad you have taken this blogging plunge. Your help to me on WC in the early days of my pastel journey was invaluable and I sincerely appreciate it. I'm eagerly looking forward to picking up more little nuggets of information via this blog.

  4. Hello Jackie,
    Very happy to see you will be offering your valuable artistic talents. I am definitely signing up!
    Warm regards

    Tom Christopher psa

  5. Hello Jackie. I am also a new blogger :)
    I do know you, and of you, from your books, DVD's,
    magazine articles and WC. I did contact you fairly
    recently about pastel cleaning.
    I am looking forward to your new blog very much.

  6. This will be a wonderful tool to me, I have been haveing a lot of questions latley and not sure where to ask them!! Love your work, and the way you present the light in your pieces. I really love "Bookfair couple", I think its called---wonderful painting. thanks Jackie!!!

  7. Hi Jackie congratulations on your new blog and on all your many accomplishments. I have signed up and will be waiting patiently for your words of wisdom.
    david Thomson

  8. Thank you so much for deciding to share your knowledge and experience in this way. I am looking forward to reading your blog regularly! I already love it!

  9. Hi Jackie, glad to have you in EDM. Love the way you write and your work is beautiful. Will be looking forward to what you can teach me!

  10. Good to see our lunch date has had a result!

    Welcome to the blogosphere...


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