Tuesday, 4 February 2020


When I have time (and am well enough - my health is a struggle right now) I read glassy posts on FB and even respond occasionally.

I saw someone say this, to a glass/landscape painter, and it prompted an idea.  She said, while admiring a lake scene on glass "I wish I could see inside your brain as you work".

Well, the artist in question APPEARS to work very intuitively....she sees a lovely floaty background, and hey presto,a little while later it is a lake scene with fir trees, clouds, lake, etc.

It would be easy to think that this artist just simply "knows" how to paint this kind of image, was born that way and it just "comes" to her in a burst of inspiration.

Often, tho, what looks so quick and easy is nothing of the kind.

It is the result of EXPERIENCE, of that artist having looked hard, and having practiced and practiced.  Tried and tried again.  Having collected reams of information in a variety of ways....collecting photos, doing sketches, from life and from photos.  Filling himself or herself with knowledge and information........ and experience.

When I was a student, I was encouraged (and I am encouraging you) to keep SCRAPBOOKS of inspirational imagery.  Images cut out of magazines;  sketches and scribbles, little painted, or charcoal, or coloured pencil pieces I had done and liked;  photos I had taken.  

I recommend, if you want to create landscape images, that you start a SELECTION OF SCRAPBOOKS of this kind.  Sea images;  sky images;  tree images;  distant hills images;  foreground images.......each scrapbook will become a hugely important resource that you can use whenever you want to produce a landscape scene.  

Alternatively,  GO BUY A LOAD OF BOX FILES.  Then, keep your collected images in those box files.....one box file for each genre.   You will be starting a "library" of your own, resources you can use whenever you need them.  THEY will fill you with information and inspiration. IT DOES NOT DROP FROM THE SKY INTO YOUR HEAD.............................

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